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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 27, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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as we wrap it up this morning, we're planning big coverage of isaac here on cnn. i will be joining my colleagues anderson cooper and rob marciano starting tomorrow morning live here on "early start" and on "starting point." cnn "newsroom" with carol costello starts right now. happening now in the newsroom eyes on isaac. a monster storm gaining strength in the gulf. new evacuations in alabama happening right now. isaac taking virtually the same path as katrina.
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>> reporter: and good morning. i'm brook baldwe baldwin live. now that the rnc has been condensed to three days, how does that change things and how does mitt romney maximize his message coming up? california rattled. a swarm of earthquakes. hundreds of earthquakes striking the california/mexico border. a seismologist telling cnn she expects thousands of events just like this for the rest of the week. deadly photo op. taking pictures of a grizzly bear in the denali national forest in alaska killed in a rare attack. parts of the park closed as we learn more about the hiker from san diego. and making history, the youngest channel am ever at the lpga canadian open. we'll introduce you to 15-year-old lydia coe. she is making headlines this monday morning. "newsroom" begins right now.
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and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. massive evacuations are getting under all the way from louisiana to alabama. tropical storm isaac heading in that direction. it blew through the florida keys yesterday as a blustery rainmaker and only a hint of what it could become. it's now in the open waters of the gulf, gaining strength, but here is something more ominous. take a look at isaac's projected path and the meandering line underneath. that is hurricane katrina. as you can see where the paths intersect, the city is once again in the cross hairs. this morning we've heard stern warnings from the man who coordinated the military's relief efforts in the wake of katrina. >> people need to be cautious because anything built by a man can be destroyed by mother nature.
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people still need to listen to the local officials, and if you're outside the levee system you need to be evacuated today. >> meteorologist rob marciano begins our coverage in new orleans this morning. rob, how seriously are people taking this threat? >> reporter: very seriously. we got in yesterday and forecast one or two and you would think the storm hardened folks of southeast louisiana would, you know, turn their nose up at it but, no, there is anxiety here. every gas station that we passed, a long line, don't have any gasoline. locals are certainly taking it seriously and as the stern words came, anything built by man can be destroyed by mother nature. that's in the back of their heads as well. behind me is something that was built by man. an impressive structure that was not here seven years ago when katrina came through. this is one of the many ramping
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up of structures that the army corps has undergone here. they spent $11 billion in this city and that's some piping that could pump out water from the city. that's a flood gate that begins to bang water from lake pontchartrain. this is the 17th street canal, one of the many horrific images when the levee broke. they scramble d to get the helicopters in here to drop sandbags. so some level of confidence as far as that is concerned and because of that there are no mandatory evacuations here this the city. there are some people that are leaving and certainly outside of the levees, the 140 miles of levees around the city, if you live outside of that in plaquemines and some parts of st. charles parish, there are mandatory evacuations. the track eerily similar to katrina. the good news is the strength at
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least right now nowhere near where katrina was this time seven years ago. still struggling to get this thing to hurricane strength and the longer it takes, the better off we are because it will eventually run out of real estate that being the gulf of mexico. it looks like it's heading in this direction just under 400 miles from southeast of new orleans and people here are certainly taking it seriously. >> let's hope it continues to struggle. rob marciano for us this morning. to the weather center now and check in with bonnie schneider. there are evacuations under way in alabama. tell us how the storm will affect that state. well, alabama, mississippi, all the states along the gulf coast because we don't know exactly where isaac will strike and, remember, it's a large storm so even if it strikes one state and is close to another state, i think everyone will be impacted. florida certainly is right now. we just had a tornado watch expire for that state and we're still getting very heavy thunderstorms. the last advisory as of 8:00 this morning says isaac is becoming better organized. those are the words from the
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national hurricane center but as rob marciano reported that if we can keep the storm a little bit more disorganized for a longer period of time we are likely to see it come in as a category 1. unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll keep that intensity down. looking at the track you can see it's forecast to come onshore along the gulf coast, possibly in louisiana as a category 1 storm right now with winds at 90 miles an hour and that's likely to occur some time really early on wednesday morning and then the storm comes further onshore and brings more after rain making event thursday and friday across parts of the mid south so that's something to monitor as well. currently we have hurricane warnings up for morgan city to destin, florida. so still under a hurricane warning. if you have major storm preps in this area, providing yourself and your family with enough food and water for three days for everybody at home, now would be the time to do it. it's interesting, even if we get a category 1 storm, a lot of people think that's not so bad. a category 1 storm certainly can
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topple down shallow rooted trees and power lines so power outages are almost likely when you have a storm like this. heavy rain and frequent lightning sliding across florida now as we zoom into the tampa area, getting very heavy rain in the region to the north of tampa and the suburbs there but some breaks, really a better situation than it could have been for the area. heavier rain actually along the east coast of florida. you're seeing some of that near okeechobee and frequent lightning strikes with the system. the forecast models and the track is getting more of a consensus with the models. many taking it over new orleans. so ironic to have it happen, the seventh anniversary of katrina. as we've been pointing out when you look it at the path and the direction comparing the two, this is the 5:00 advisory from yesterday compared to katrina side-by-side, well, it looks very similar in terms of track, luckily it is no where near as similar in terms of intensity and this terms of size so eerily similar but not as intense.
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carol? >> let's hope it stays that way because you never know. bonnie schneider, thanks so much. tropical storm isaac mostly missed tampa and the convention but it's being felt in so many other ways and here is one. delegates from louisiana are holding a special breakfast meeting right now to discuss the storm and the potential threat back home. there's no talk of leaving the convention and heading home early. of course that could can change after the path of the storm becomes more clear. also republican strategists want to chip away at romney's aloof image and show a more personal side. a sneak peek last night and we want to share one unguarded moment. chief political analyst gloria borger asks romney about his teenaged missionary trip to france and a fatal car accident that he nearly died in. >> reporter: when you were there, you almost died on the side of a road in bordeaux. you were hit by a drunk driver.
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do you remember that accident? >> you know, i remember very distinctly driving up until the point of the accident. i don't recall precisely what happened at the accident. i guess that's not terribly unusual as i was knocked unconscious and only recall waking up for a brief moment in the ambulance going to the hospital and then again was unconscious and then woke up some time later in the hospital. but we were hit. the person sitting next to me died and others were severely injured. my injuries were not as severe as some might have thought. the policeman on the scene apparently thought i was in worse condition than i was and wrote in french, he is dead, on my passport to distinguish me from others. that made it back to the united states in a press report that i had been killed in an accident in france. my parents heard this through the media as did ann. >> reporter: does he talk about that as form it tiff because he
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then went around the mission. >> it was traumatic for him because the woman -- he was driving and the woman sitting next to him was killed and the man sitting on the passenger seat was very, very seriously injured. thousand mitt was wedged in the steering wheel turned and wedged and went into the woman sitting next to him and he was thrown out of the car. and so you recall how close your brush of death was and it has to have an impact on you, which it did for mitt. >> brooke baldwin is at the national convention. good morning, brooke. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it's nice to be here. i did sort of sneak over my right shoulder and do see a little blue sky but on the note of likability, i think that's huge as we look to the now three days of the national republican convention. advisers say two things as far as maximizing the message. number one, portraying him is this compassionate family man.
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we were supposed to be hearing from his wife that the hopeful first lady tonight and now that we know today really isn't happening, we'll look for her tonight and, of course, ann romney portraying him as a loving husband and, also, looking to really portray mitt romney as a successful businessman. i will tell you, carol, that today at 2:00 eastern time the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus will be gaveling this open for a matter of minutes. they're going to be kicking off the national debt clock so issue number one they will be ticking that debt through the next four days art of that message saying take a look at the nation and the out-of-control spending. two big themes to watch for in the next couple of days. >> brooke baldwin reporting live from tampa, florida, today. we'll get back to you in the next two hours of "newsroom." the political season marking the end of an era.
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president obama plans to go full speed ahead with campaigning this week as republicans convene in tampa for their national convention. it's been the custom in years past for the opposing candidate to lie low but that's not the case this year for either obama or romney. they're both breaking with tradition to campaign during the other party's big week. obama is also out with a movie themed ad criticizing romney. >> his only hope is a convention reinvention. and an etch-a-sketch of epic pro-portions will be shaken to its core. on august 30th, mitt romney stars in "the do-over." critics have called his previous work wildly misleading, the four pinocchios, pants on fire. rated "n" for not going to work.
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>> it's on nub. it's already gotten more than 200,000 hits, mr. obama will kick off a two-day, three-state tour of swing states tomorrow as the republicans' big day begins and the democratic national convention will come along shortly. mongs those tapped to speak at next week's democratic national convention, charlie crist, endorsed obama for president. one well respected gop strategist called chryst, quote, the silly putty of florida politics who will twist which ever way you want. california is known for its earthquakes but what about 300 in one day? >> reporter: carol, it's called an earthquake swarm. we're in the middle of a biggest swarm california has experienced since the 1970's.
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a mild earthquake in california is nothing new but what about hundreds and hundreds in one day? experts say a swarm could last for several days. sunday about 300 struck near the california/mexico border, more than 30 had a magnitude of more than 3.5. the strongest was 5.5. no one was hurt. i am joined live. i have never heard of this, a swarm of tornadoes. >> reporter: a swarm of earthquakes, carol. >> i'm sorry. i was thinking tornadoes. >> reporter: very understandable with all the weather news going on in another part of the country that you could get that mixed up a bit. a swarm of earthquakes. we're in brawley, california, about 200 miles southeast of los
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angeles. 120 miles due east near the mexican border. an agricultural community. in the last 24 hours we have had 300, more than 300 earthquakes, two of them have been fairly strong, over magnitude five. you can look at the typical types of damage they are experiencing in this city. here is a drugstore. you can see many of the items have been knocked off the shelves here. obviously the owners of the business haven't been able to come in to clean things up yet. that process is beginning this morning. though the region is accustomed to earthquakes, nerves are still very much frayed. one local family, the serta family, had their camera rolling when one of the larger quakes hit yesterday afternoon. let's take a look. >> oh, my gosh --
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>> reporter: clearly a scary experience for that family and for those children, the parents tell us that last night their two youngest children had a very, very difficult time getting to sleep. also, today was supposed to be the first day of high school here in california but the school has been closed, are inspect the buildings just to make sure there's no damage. also the local hospital, the nonemergency room portion of the hospital has been closed as well temporarily. the big question, of course, on everyone's mind here is this a precursor to a much bigger quake? >> well, that is the big question and -- >> the activity that we're seeing is possible that this will continue on for a number of hours, even several days. this has happened in the past. we don't necessarily expect larger events but that certainly
9:20 am
is a possibility at this time. >> reporter: and as we mentioned, carol, this is something that's not all that uncommon in this area, but geologists and seismologists do say this is the most intense earthquake swarm that this area has experienced since the 1970s. carol? >> it's really scary. casey wian, thank you for joining us this morning. it's 19 minutes past the hour. thousands of people in coastal louisiana, mississippi, and alabama are evacuating ahead of tropical storm isaac. it's expected to become a hurricane and make landfall tuesday or wednesday, seven years to the day after hurricane katrina, isaac's round is almost identical to that of katrina. south carolina officials head 20 federal court today to defend a new voter identification law. the government blocked it calling it discriminatory. it would help prevent voter fraud and help update their voting records.
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samsung electronics loses $12 billion in market value in early trading. investors are reacting for the first time after the company lost a patent dispute with apple. samsung plans to appeal the decision awarding apple $1 billion. back to our top story now, the republican national convention to showcase mitt romney as the best man to lead the united states for the next four years. the obama campaign has a different idea. >> on august 30th, mitt romney stars in "the do-over." critics have called his previous work wildly misleading, four pinocchios, pants on fire. rated n for not going to work. >> former republican congressman tom davis of virginia joins me from tampa. good morning, congressman. good morning. >> so, i'm sure you heard part
9:22 am
of that ad, does it bug you at all that the democrats released that on the sunday before the convention was to begin? >> you know, really it's not surprising. they have nothing to talk about. they've it four years of bad outcomes. things haven't gone well for them in terms of what their policies have produced so i think we're seeing a negative campaign very early trying to say we may not be good but they're worse. >> is it tradition for the other side to lay off while the other side lays out their platform and introduces themselves to the public? >> well, it used to be. the president gets his convention next week. with the 24/7 news cycle and with polls showing the president in big trouble it i think they feel they cannot take a chance and they just have to try to define mitt romney and go negative from the start and not give him his day in the sunshine
9:23 am
and allow him to get traction. that's really what this is all about is controlling the news cycle. >> yesterday the former governor, chryst, who was a republican came out and endorsed president barack obama. he'll speak at the national democratic convention. how do you feel about that? >> well, i mean, look, it's very personal with him. could not have run for the senate, ran as an independent and i think this will complete his transformation. he may try to res inspect hurre career. that's the direction he's been going since the primary electorate gave him a thumbs down and he switched to run as an independent the last time. >> doesn't it look bad for a former republican to be speaking at the democratic national convention? >> not really.
9:24 am
we have artur davis speak iing ours. but in crist's case i think it's personal. he feels the party rejected him. if he wants to resurrect his career it will not be as a republican. so i think this completes the journey for him to political viability. i think everybody will understand this is sour grapes. >> some republicans worry that the republican party will come off even more conservative over the course of the next three days, even dan quayle came out. you may call him the paul ryan of his town. he told "the new york times," this is from dan quayle, quote, the philosophy you hear from time to time is one of exclusion rather than inclusion. you have to expand the base, expand the party because compared to the democratic party the republican party is a
9:25 am
minority party. this is from dan quayle who was considered ultra conservative. >> right. i think it's a pretty big party. it's a coalition. >> that's not what the polls show, though. >> it's a very wide net. you can talk about ethnically how it's made up. it's one interest group stacked on another interest group. >> women? >> the party has pretty broad support. we have a lot of women in congress. we have women committee chairmen. we have women. >> congressman, the gender gap is humongous between romney and obama. obama is on the winning side. >> it is. with women he is. with men he's on the wrong side. it is to say republicans are anti-women. women have suffered more under the economic policies of this president than almost any other group.
9:26 am
let's give governor romney his day. there's been a gender gap but it works both ways. republicans are still winning elections and control both houses of congress and i think it will be fine this year. >> congressman, thank you for joining thus morning. we appreciate it. >> carol, thanks. california man who lived with the taliban is heading to court. we'll tell you why john walker li lindh is suing. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco.
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now is your chance to talk back. what do the political conventions mean to you? what do the political conventions mean to you? they're here. the 2012 political conventions, that is, but will anybody watch them? are they really history in the making or carefully crafted infomercials. the conventions have become cheering sessions for the people are tuning out. >> even though they're
9:30 am
infomercials, carol, they do present the basic platt forl. you get a sense of the candidates, a sense of what they're like, what their values are. you know what the parties stand for. they are important educational moments. >> educational, perhaps. but we know what the gop platform is. still, this is romney's chance to present himself to voters in a way we haven't seen him before. >> we have to tell the mitt romney story next week, are telling the story about a man that's decent, honorable, gave away his father's inheritance. started something from nothing and create add great business, five good boys, saved the olympics, governor ed in a difficult state as a republican. >> republicans are pulling out all the stops. they hired produceers to ramp up the look and feel for entertainment.
9:31 am
performances bjorn y journey an rock. a hipper, more fun convention if, of course, isaac doesn't play complete spoiler. the talkback question, what do the political conventions mean to you? your comments later this hour. and good morning. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i am carol costello. u.s. stocks are set to open higher this morning. investors are focused on stimulus moves by the feds. the fed chairman ben bernanke expected to make a speech later this week in wyoming. an afghan soldier guns down two nato troops today in a green on blue attack. this happened in eastern afghanistan. it raised the number of troops killed in such attacks to at
9:32 am
least 42. alaska's denali national park reports its first fatal bear mauling. the person was taking pictures about 50 yards away when the bear attacked. they are supposed to stay a quarter mile back. the grizzly was put down by park personnel. john walker lindh accuses his warden of restricting muslim prayer. thousands of residents in coastal louisiana, mississippi and alabama are evacuating ahead of tropical storm isaac expected to become a hurricane and make landfall tuesday or wednesday. that's seven years after hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. isaac's route is almost identical to katrina. tampa, florida, dodged a correct hit by isaac as you know and republicans delayed the start of the national convention. the question now, will they make
9:33 am
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republicans will keep a watchful eye on isaac. it's quite the conundrum. isaac just nicked tampa. if isaac hits alabama or louisiana, it will not only kill the party atmosphere in tampa, it would overshadow the republican convention. senator john mccain told nbc's "meet the press" losing too much of the convention could hurt. >> it's not that we don't want that first night but i don't think it will be damaging to lose the first night. it could be harmful if we lose more than that. >> let's bring in will cain and l.z. granderson. he leans left. will leans right. welcome, gentlemen.
9:37 am
>> good morning, carol. >> good morning. so maybe the biggest problem republicans will have is optics. you can't have kid rock tearing down the house while isaac tears down houses. what do you do? >> i suggest i though it all when i talk on tv but i don't know about this question. how do you merge with what you hope is this celebratory event of nominating mitt romney's republ republican nominee for brez. i don't know how you do that. you have to adopt your message into one that really is a mark of leadership and that is compassion, that this party, this leader, will bring people together and the speeches that follow each night should adopt the message, one that's here to help people out, that could even take the form, carol, of some specific things such as raising money, becoming charitable. i don't know if you do a telethon but you could take this event and make it something that is helpful for what's going to happen further up the coast.
9:38 am
>> and, l.z., there's a specter hanging over this if isaac hits new orleans is george w. bush and how his administration handled katrina. don't republicans have to be extra careful? >> i don't think so because you know the president is different and that's key in terms of how he will be perceived being sensitive to people who are less fortunate as well as minorities so i don't think they need to be careful about that. i think they just need to be careful about who the nominee is which is mitt romney who seems to be the antithesis of what will talked about, everything leading up from his taxes to bain capital to the akin comments to ron paul wanting to fully endorse him. and so that's much more than any damage done by hurricane isaac. >> one person not there thanks
9:39 am
to isaac is donald trump . he was due to do some sort of publicity stunt. they have not rescheduled him. do you think that's a good thing he won't be part of the republican national convention? this is according to "the washington post." >> yes. yes. >> that's all you're going to say is yes? >> i think it deserves a short and direct answer. yes. it's a good thing donald trump will not be a part of the message the republicans are putting out. he's a distraction from every serious conversation we have that we need to be debating and deciding. he should not be part of the conversation. >> i guess the most important speech in a lot of people's minds, l.z., is ann romney's speech. what does she need to say? >> she needs to make us care about her husband. she needs to get us to like her husband. she needs to help the american people see what she has seen the
9:40 am
last 30 or 40 years about mitt romney. he has had a difficult time doing this. his likability numbers haven't budge budged much. so hopefully for his sake what his wife will be able to do is communicate all the wonderful things about him that his children see, his friends see, he's been unable to communicate to the american people. >> carol, let me say this, that's -- ann romney is the perfect person to have speaking at this time at this convention. i disagree with what l.z. said but one thing he was right on is mitt romney is not someone who emotes well. he is not going to invoke that sense of compassion, or i doubt that he will be able to. however, ann romney is the person that can do that and if we're at a time this nation needs to be brought together. if there is a natural disaster in new orleans or along the mississippi or alabama coast, ann romney is the person, i would suspect, who can deliver that message. >> she is the person that can
9:41 am
deliver for the republicans. plenty of people on the democratic side will be able to deliver that message. >> another interesting conversation. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you so much. tonight at 8:00 eastern as part of the republican national convention coverage, romney revealed, family, faith and the road to power followed by a preview of the convention it self. that's tonight on cnn. she said good-bye to "american idol." now jennifer lopez is trying her hand at a new tv project, an hour long family drama. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields.
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okay, so i guess we have to talk about it, snooki. someone violated my rule, no talking about snooki on the show, but a wonderful thing did happen to snooki. a.j. hammer is here to tell us all about it. good morning. >> reporter: come on, carol. it's happy news this morning and snooki has been out there tweeting about this. the fact she is not getting any sleep, it looks like nicole "snooki" is immersed in motherhood. a rep does tell us the "jersey
9:45 am
shore" star gave birth to a healthy 6 pound, 5 ounce baby boy in a new jersey hospital. snooki was there on twitter, no big surprise. she was sending out the details to her twitter followers including his name. here is what she wrote. i am so in love with my son lorenzo dominick. i had my little man last night, healthy at 6 pounds. he's my world. that's lorenzo dominick lavalle, the baby's father, back in march when she announced her pregnancy, snooki said they were engaged to celebrate the happy occasion mtv took the opportunity to tell fans if they want to know more about the last months of snooki's pregnancy they can tune in to the sixth season of "jersey shore." you may not be tuning in but nothing like a pregnancy to stir up publicity. >> i'm italian-american. it's difficult. it's very difficult. but i try.
9:46 am
i do. >> it's all we can ask. >> a.j., thank you so much. a.j. will be back with us in the next hour of "newsroom" with more headlines. thanks, a.j. actually he's going to tell us about this new anti-obama documentary. it made its nationwide debut and is making a lot of money. we'll tell you more in the next hour of "newsroom." isaac moving in and oil workers moving out. what it all means for you the next time you buy gas for your car. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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49 minutes past the hour, checking our top stories now, thousands of gulf coast residents are evacuating tropical storm isaac following a similar path to hurricane katrina. it's expected to reach hurricane strength and make lapped fall late tuesday or early wednesday. hurricane warning is already up
9:50 am
along the northern gulf coast from morgan city, louisiana, to destin, florida. the governors of louisiana, mississippi and alabama have declared states of emergency, urge everyone to take precaution and prepare now. even if you don't live in the path of tropical storm isaac, you could still feel its effect as oil refineries in the gulf shut down. i am joins me from new york to tell me how it could affect gas prices. it is always something. >> it is always something. about a quarter of gulf oil production is suspended, so what that is is it knocks out morethry 333,000 barrels of gas a day. where 40% of the nation's petroleum refineries are located along the gulf coast and there's a huge network of pipelines that funnels it other parts of the country. to make the picture clearer,
9:51 am
half the gasoline used on the east coast and half of the crews will be run in western refineries that come from the gulf. this could send the oil prices higher. we were told this morning, jumping at first and now s slipping. isaac is not the only reason for the impact. over the weekend, there was a deadly refirre deadly refirrr deadly refirre deadly refirre finery fire so that could drive gas prices higher. >> thanks so much. >> we asked you to talk back on one of the big cessiquestions o morning. what does the political convention mean to you? your response is next. >> announcer: this is the day. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there.
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9:54 am
okay, some more word on isaac. this just in. grand isle, louisiana, that tiny fishing village that was affected in the gulf oil spill, mandatory evacuations now in place. that means the 1200 people who live there will have to get off that island and go somewhere safe. same for jefferson parish south of new orleans, about 9,000 people live there, and they have been order to leave their homes just in case, so this is the two newest mandatory evacuation orders we have heard of this morning, but we'll keep you posted. we asked you to talk back on one
9:55 am
of the big stories of the day. the question, what do the political conventions mean to you? this from joy, all i see is glitz and waste with a touch of hollywood glamour. no i'm not watching cause all i see is acting and full of promising dead speeches. and this from season, they ruined the worldwide economy. this from becky, i want to know more of the candidates. i enjoy watching both of the campaigns. i'm a junky. and this from bruce. this year, the campaign knows nothing. they have known the candidates for almost a year now. yet, in a debate over the national dpebt, how much will be spent on trapping the alone, mostly manufacturered outside the united states. if you would like to continue. she's still in high school and now she's not only reading history. she's writing it.
9:56 am
we'll tell you the story of lydia cohen. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself.
9:57 am
it's law that just makes sense.
9:58 am
let's check on sports now. braves beat the giants 7-1. picking up his seventh straight win. but get this, mind boggling
9:59 am
134-3 in his career when his team gives him a three-run lead or better. jason heyward and freddie freeman both went deep for atlanta. to the little league world series now. no pitchers could handle slugger osaka in this entire tournament. he went deep three times sunday, including a game-ending two-run sh shot. he lacquered the u.s. team from tennessee. 12-2. it's japan's second little league title in two years. >> youth wasted on the young? not at the lpga open. this girl shot a career round 57 to become the youngest champ ever. she's still in high school and despite the win, she plans to attend stanford before turning pro. after making lpga history, she had someone special to thank. >> i would like to thank my mom.
10:00 am
she's always there to support, two weeks ago at the u.s. amateur, she was my caddie. now today, she was, you know, being the spectator, looking and seeing if i'm doing everything right. and hopefully i have. >> i think she's proud, lydia. that's sports this morning. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts right now. >> happening now in the newsroom, the gulf coast on alurtd. evacuations under way in several states. tropical storm isaac follows a very similar path as hurricane katrina. all eyes on mitt romney this week at he accepts the republican nominee for president. we're learning more about romney's faith, his surprising candor. ♪ >> the lead singer of twister
10:01 am
sister wants paul ryan to stop using his song. we'll talk to dee snyder live. >> and it may be one of the worst restorations ever. but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining us this monday morning. we begin on the gulf coast. massive evacuations under way from louisiana to alabama. tropical storm isaac is heading in that direction. it blew through the florida keys yesterday. a blustery rain maker and only a hint of what it could become. it's now in the open waters of gulf and gaining strength. here is something much more ominous. take a look at the projecting path and the meandering line underneath. that's the path of hurricane katrina. it struck new orleans seven years ago this week, and as you can see where the paths intersect, the city is once again in the crosshairs.
10:02 am
emergency officials in alabama, mississippi, and louisiana are pleading with residents to leave before the storm arrives. the public emergency manager joins me on the phone. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> tell us about alabama's ma mandatory evakz. >> it includes the counties of mobile and bolen. >> are people heeding the warnings? are they leaving? >> we're getting reports that some people are leaving, but we always know that people oftentimes have the mentality that it can't happen to me or it's not going to be that bad. those people, we're talking to them this morning through news conferences and interviews, encouraging them to please heed the warning and please do not
10:03 am
wait too late to leave where they get in a position where they can't leave because of the rainfall coming down. >> how many people are we talking about? >> several,000 people. the zones in bolen county and mobile counties. again, areas one and two, are quite large areas in the cou counti counties. we have several thousand people we're talking to with this evacuation order. that's why it's so important to heed the warning now, make preparations to leave so they have an opportunity to get to a safe place in a timely manner. >> i know katrina also affected you in alabama. have changes been put into place since that storm? >> of course, every year, we're holding hurricane exercises and evacuation drills and things of that nature so people know where to go and what to do and they can expedite the process because the main goal is saving lives. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> let's return our focus to new orleans now.
10:04 am
memories of katrina haunt the city and the people who endured one of the worst disasters in history. this morning, we heard stern warnings from the man who coordinated the military's relief efforts in the wake of the disaster. >> people need to be cautious. anything built by man can be destroyed by mother nature. people still need to listen to their local officials and if you're outside the levee system, you need to be evacuated today. >> let's chick in with rob marciano. we got words that jefferson parish that is south of new orleans, there's a mandatory evacuation now in place. are things getting more ominous? >> well, certainly for the lower lying cluding the jefferson parish, plaquemine perish, those are the ones that are outicides of the new and improved levees in new orleans. i'm standing on the levee wall of the 17th street canal. what you're seeing behind me is
10:05 am
this monstrosity of a manmade structure that wasn't here seven years ago when katrina came through. flood gates that can drop down. they weigh 20 tons each. these massive pipes can pump out water at a rate of 9200 cubic feet per second. so these are the gates and the pumping station that are put in place since katrina came seven years ago. one of three. they spent $11 billion to beef up this system. there's 140 miles of new and improved levees around the city. so for that reason, the city at least right now sort of kind of safe, but there's high anxiety, and people outside of the walls, including the parishes we mentioned, they're on the move right now because evacuations in many towns is mandatory. >> i hope so. rob marciano reporting live. tropical storm isaac has mostly missed tampa and the republican national convention.
10:06 am
but as a safety precaution, the rnc canceled today's schedule, so four days worth of events will now be crammed into three. here's a rundown of some of the key speakers. tomorrow, the crowd will hear from republican favorite new jersey governor chris christie. and he said he's holding nothing back. on wednesday, paul ryan will address the party faithful, and on thursday, the signature event, mitt romney will deliver his speech, formally accepting the presidential nomination. last night, governor christie rr spoke about his high profile gig. >> it's an incredible honor for this state that we have the prominent roles we're playing in our party's convention this week, and that we're going to play going forward in electing mitt romney and paul ryan the next president and vice president of the united states. they have to keep me busy on tuesday. i told the staff, keep me busy. i have to wait until 10:30 tuesday night.
10:07 am
let me tell you, you don't know what's going to happen when i burst out of the gate by tuesday night. maybe they'll keep me on a treadmill all day, try to wear me out. see if they can lower the energy level a little bit. >> ann romney will also speak on tuesday. let's head to tampa now and brooke baldwin. so just a lot of rain in tampa. is there a lot of second guessing going on about cancelling monday night's schedule? >> i would say in a word yes. i think people are frustrated. you know, a lot of people flew into town. people were fearful that their airline travel would change. so they made sure they got in yesterday, and ultimately it was up to the rnc to make the call. it's windy, forgive me, to make the call, and they decided to condense it into the three days instead of the four. it was just four years ago when the rnc was held in minneapolis and gustav canceled the first day of that convention.
10:08 am
this has certainly happened before, but i think folks around town are trying to figure othow they're going to fill their day. i was talking to some delegates joking with me from north dakota yesterday who said, look, we can handle blizzards, but talk of a hurricane, we only watch that on television. and they were sort of hoping for some semblance of sunshine. we're in tampa, they were hoping to spend some time on the beach. so frustrated, yes. hopeful for sun, yes, as well. >> what speaker are they most excited to hear? chris christie, ann romney, or mitt romney? >> i think they would tell you mitt romney. that's why they're here, but i really think in talking to some folks, chris christie. you see how he brings groups together, and even the sound bite from a couple minutes ago. he's a funny guy. he's come quite a long way and so much talk and so many questions to him. would he be the number two, and now he's the keynote speaker. people are excited about him. ann romney, as we talked last
10:09 am
hour, her role is to humanize, if i may, humanize her husband, and increase that likability so that's part of her task tomorrow night. and everyone is kind of excited to see the inside of the forum building, as well. multiple millions of dollars spent on the stage and the stairs and the clock tick, tick, ticking away, part of the message that the nation's spending is out of control. >> i'm sure they're excited about the charismatic paul ryan, too. >> we're already dealing with high gas prices and tropical storm isaac is expected to maybe raise prices even more. we'll tell you why. gas prices, by the way, up nearly 7 cents over the past two weeks, but expect the prices to jump. current oil production in the gulf is already down 25%. in money news, sam sung electronic electronics loses $12 billion in market value in trading.
10:10 am
investors are reacting for the first time after the company lost a patent dispute with apple. they plan to appeal the federal jury's decision awarding apple $1 billion. >> lance armstrong's fans have spoken out. they have spoken out with their checkbo checkbooks. on his twitter page, he thanked his live strong supporters for donations that were 25 times the average on friday. he was banned from cycling that same day by the u.s. anti-doping agency which also stripped him of his tour de france titles. he spoke out for the first time about that decision. >> i'm more at ease than in ten years. i don't have anything to worry about. i'm focused on the children. i have five great kits, a great lady in my wife, a wonderful foundation that is unaffected by any noise out there, and we're going to continue to do our job. >> as of right now, he's banned from all cycling events and all
10:11 am
of his tour de france titles have been stripped from him. mitt romney, he's opening up about his religion. he speaks with remarkable candor to cnn. we'll share. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. music: "make someone happy"
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13 minutes past the hour. top storys now, hundreds of earthquakes shake parts of southern california this weekend. watch. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay, that's scary. no one was hurt. minor damage reported. experts say there could be more quakes in the next few days, but not any big quakes, just these swarms of earthquakes. >> we're getting a better look at the chaos outside the empire state building in the deadly shooting on friday. jeffrey johnson shot his former coworker five times killing him. police then fired 16 shots at johnson, hitting him nine times. new york police department releasing this security footage. nine bystanders also injured in the shooting. all hit by police bullets. >> it was like, he's going to
10:15 am
kill him. he's going to killham. i quo he's going to kill him, and then he pulled out a gun and shot steve. right next to me. right next to me. i kept replaying it over and over in my mind. i thought, maybe you could kick the gun out of his hand and he would have gotten shot once instead of five or six times. and are just ran. i didn't know what else to do. >> she did the right thing, according to police. alaska's denali national park reports its first bear mauling. a hiker from san diego was taking pictures of the bear about 50 yards away when the bear attacked. they're supposed to stay a quarter mile away from the animals. check out this dramatic pictures. not the best vacation. people stuck on a cruise ship right in the middle of tropical storm isaac. at one point, winds gusted up to 65 miles per hour. some cruises are rerouting to avoid the storm.
10:16 am
mitt romney's face has been a focus as he entered the presidential race as a member and former leader in the mormon church. he's well respected in his religious community. so are the people getting a blessing in the republican convention going to be front and center? there's a rabbi, a hispanic evangelical, a sikh and catholic leaders and his former church members. a retired police chief and president of the mormon church and his wife will be giving implications on one of those nights. romney has been careful not to focus so much on his faith. he's never shied away from it, but he rarely mentioned the word mormon. we actually never really hear him say it. romney spoke to gloria borger about his mormon faith.
10:17 am
here's what he had to say. >> when you're out speaking with people day in and day out about your faith and about your religion and differences between it and other faiths -- >> getting doors slammed in your face. >> most of the time. this was a time where a lot of people were not happy with america and france, so it was a time of a great deal of rejection. >> but romney kept at it. in a rare conversation about his faith, he reveals how the constant rejection led to some surprising soul searching. >> okay, wait a second, what's important here? what do i believe? what is truth? is there a god? is jesus christ the son of god? these are questions that are no longer academic, they're critical because you're talking about it day in and day out. >> we want to bring in david now. he's live in tampa. david, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, carol. great to be with you. >> what was really interesting about the sound we just heard
10:18 am
from mitt romney was he talked about his missionary work in france. and how he went door to door trying to convert people there. i just wondered how you think that will go over with the very important segment of the voting population, evangelicals. >> look, carol, anytime mitt romney is going to mention conversion and jesus christ and his mormon faith, it's not going to play well with the evangelical base, and news flash, that's why he's not doing it. gloria got him in a very interesting situation. she did a great job of provoking some of that from him. but for the most part, he doesn't talk about it at all. you know, i had a chance to sit down with him, sat down with him in this campaign cycle, but back in 2007 when he was governor of massachusetts, and i had a chance then to talk to him about it, about whether or not he thinks mo s mormonism is a cult his impression. he stays away from all of that, he doesn't go there. it's something that has worked
10:19 am
for him so far in the campaign. he's going to accept the nomination thursday night. >> it was interesting he would mention the missionary work in france because there are a lot of catholics in france. he wants the catholic vote. cardinal dolan will be giving the invocation on the lanith of the republican national c convention. >> for mitt romney this isn't so much about invocations and benedictions and all of that. what this is about for mitt romney is can he and the campaign be able to tell his faith story without getting bogged down in systematic theology here. that's the key. he has a wonderful faith story to tell. he's done a lot of work within his church from a humanitarian perspective. i don't just mean witnessing, if you will, or trying to convertpeople, but counseling people out of abortions, which plays well with the republican base, and there's so many more things he's done. giving his time and money to the church. that plays very well from a
10:20 am
human perspective, and what we want to see from mitt romney, or at least the base wants to see more, is that human perspective. it's all based within the church environment he grew up in and he's part of, but he's very reluctant to go there, and so far so good for him. >> so, we expected to talk about his religion, the republicans and the democrats will show a video about the candidate, and we expect mitt romney's work for his church to be in that video. but do you think that the word mormon will be mentioned in the video or at the convention at all? >> i don't think so. you know, i traveled down to salt lake city and talked to elders within the church and talked -- we were inside a sacrament service and talked to a mormon family out there. they understand the scrutiny is coming, they understand the word mormon brings up a lot more questions than answers. so really from a political perspective, why go there and bring up the "m" word everybody
10:21 am
is talking about? guess what, the interviews -- i shouldn't say the interviews, but the newsweek and time magazine articles and all that, that's coming out more than you have seen. it will start in september and october, i'm sure a lot of folks are working on stories right now, and they're going to delve into his mormon faith because you know there will be history here if he becomes president of the united states. the first mormon president. it's a legitimate news story. >> david brody, thanks so much. thanks so much for being with us this morning. also tonight at 8:00 eastern as part of the republican national convention coverage, a profile of the presidential nominee. romney reveals family, faith, and the road to power. followed at 9:30 eastern by a convention preview on cnn. >> we told you mandatory evacuation orders have been orders for jefferson parish.
10:22 am
we have mayor tim kerner who joins us from louisiana. good morning, mr. mayor. >> good morning. >> why did you decide to issue these mandatory evacuation orders? >> because we're in jefferson and don't have much levee protection. we have a little in some communities, but a lot of areas we don't. i'm asking everybody to please evacuate and just be safe. >> do you think that people will listen? >> well, i think the majority of people listen. and there's always some that don't, but i think that's a mistake. but everybody is free to make their own choice. the deal is in parts of the town where we don't have any levee system on the water side, those
10:23 am
streets will be flooded. t so those roads, you know, you won't be able to get in and out of the areas if possible. you still won't be able to get in and out. >> mayor, it surprises me you expect some people to stay behind. i mean, after katrina, i know it's been seven years. do memories fade even after such a ferocious storm? >> you know, if you stay for katrina, you don't learn your lesson. some people think they're safe with this. and you know, it's a situation where you have maybe a category 1 and people are not afraid of the winds. and their house is high, maybe 12, 13 feet high. they feel that they're not going to be in any danger.
10:24 am
what they fail to realize is if, you know, they start getting chest pains or any kind of medical attention they may need, nobody is going to be able to get them. it's up to them to get out to receive the help they need. >> i hope they follow your order. >> they pult people in danger because the rescue people, the fire department, police department, they'll go out there to try to get them. sometimes we have power lines down, and what you're doing is putting lives in danger for foolishness. >> we understand. mayor, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> we asked you to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question this morning, what do the political conventions mean to you? back after this. mom: ready to go to work? ♪
10:25 am
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10:27 am
now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question this morning what do the political conventions
10:28 am
mean to you? they're here, the political conventions, that is, but will anyone watch them? are they really history in the making or just political commercials? they say the conventions have become cheering sessions for partisans. the public is turned off and maybe will tune out. >> look, even though they're infomercials, they do present the basic platform. you get a sense of the candidates. you get a sense of what they're like, what their values are. you know what the party stands for. so they are important educational moments. >> educational, yes, but where's the drama. we know who the vice presidential candidate is, we know what the gop platform is. still, this is romney's chance to present himself to voters in a way we haven't seen before. >> we have to tell the mitt romney story here next week. telling stories about a man that is decent, honorable, gave away
10:29 am
his father's inheritance, startstart ed something from nothing, raised five good boys, governed in a difficult state as a republican and he was successful. >> republicans are pulling out all the stops. according to the "new york times," they have hired veteran network and broadway producers to ramp up the look and feel for entertainment performances by journey and kid rock, making this a different convention, a hipper, perhaps more fun convention if in course isaac doesn't play complete spoiler. for the talk back question, what do the political conventions mean to you? your comments later this hour. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network
10:30 am
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call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? 31 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i'm carol costello. mitt romney and barack obama are neck and neck in the polls. while obama gets higher marks when it comes to fixing the economy, he lags far behind in the likability factor. according to the latest cnn/orc poll, 53% of middle class voters thinks the president cares more about them. only 39% feel the same way about governor romney. republicans say that's largely because voters don't know the real romney, not yet. if they talk candidly like they did on cnn last night, that
10:33 am
could change. here is mrs. romney talking about her fight with multiple sclerosis. >> you don't know, mau much is it going to chew me up and spit me out. how sick am i going to get? is this going to be progressive? am i going to be in a wheelchair. it's a very, very frightening place to be. >> i know ann was really distraught and distressed with the diagnosis, particularly as time went on because she was really ill for quite a while. >> i really just was having a very, very hard time. and was very depressed. and had kind of given up a little bit. >> it was a tough moment for both of them. it was interesting to see the way he treated her as they went through that, very caring, very loving, very frustrating not to be able to step in and fix it. but it was -- they drew even closer. >> even when i was as sick as that, he would crawl up in the bed with me.
10:34 am
>> we'll take a minute. >> you just knew that's where he was. he was going to do anything he could to just say, i'm here. you're okay. just stay right there. and we'll be okay. >> our political editor is in tampa. so paul, mrs. romney is set to speak in primetime on tuesday. besides mitt romney, is she the most important speaker? >> she is definitely one of the most important speakers at the convention. also speaking on tuesday night behind me here will be chris christie, the governor of new jersey. he gives the keynote address. the romney campaign thinks ann romney is an extremely effective surrogate for her husband because she would bring out the personal side of mitt romney, something that americans really don't know a lot about. we showed that poll number from our survey really indths that. that's what they hope ann romney will do, she'll get americans to
10:35 am
understand the person, the person romney is, the family man. another thing she can do as well, reach out to women voters. and we're seeing a concerted effort in tampa at this convention to do that because there's a gender gap in the polls. take a look at this from the same poll you showed. who is more in touch with the problems women are facing today? by a two to one margin, likely voters tell us they think the president is over mitt romney. that's why ann romney can be a effective surrogate at the convention tomorrow night. >> i know joe biden was set to travel to tampa to try to wrestle away some of the spotlight. he's not going to go, at least not yet. tell us about that. >> that was an interesting move when they announced it last week that joe biden was going to be in tampa today and in st. augustine and in orlando tomorrow, but all that has been washed away by isaac. not only has isaac curtailed the first day of the convention. it's also canceled the vice president's plans to be right here in florida. >> paul stein houser reporting
10:36 am
from tampa. while the republicans try to decide if romney is a warm, caring human being and economy fixer, the democrats are ratcheting up their attacks. i'm not talking about joe biden. take a look at this new ad targeting mitt romney and the republican national convention. >> on august 30th, mitt romney stars in the do-over. critics have called his previous work wildly misleading, four pinocchios. pants on fire. rated n for not going to work. >> so let's talk about what the democrats are going to do while the republican national convention is ongoing. brianna keilar is at the white house. traditionally, back in the day, candidates would sort of like sit back and let the other candidate have their time in the spotlight, and then they would have their turn. that's not the case this time, right? >> it's not the case this time. and i will say that is the
10:37 am
conventional wisdom, and i have been waiting to use that pun, but the truth is that hasn't happened for a really long time. if you go back to 2008, the democrats had their convention first in denver, and you saw john mccain campaigning on the first and second day. and then the next week, when republicans had their convention, president obama, then senator obama campaigned three of the four days. so if you go back to the '80s and '90s, you had this thing where candidates would extend this courtesy and wouldn't be campaigning during the other party's nominating party. but you saw in 2000, al gore and george w. bush, they laid low. in 2004, though, it started to ratchet up. you saw dick cheney campaigning and then you saw john kerry and john edwards, both the president and vice presidential democratic picks campaigning. so it used to be the way things are, but it's definitely on steroids this year.
10:38 am
i suspect it's the new normal. >> yeah, i know that's so prehistoric now. the president, he's going to be campaigning during all of this. tell us about it. >> that's right. he'll be going to iowa, colorado, and virginia, and he'll be going to universities, to college campuses. he's targeting the youth vote which was key for him in 2008, and this is very important for him as is the hispanic vote, the black vote. women voters, independent voters. this is one piece of the obama campaign puzzle. >> brianna keilar reporting live for us from the white house. thanks so much. >> that botched restoration of the painting, you know, the one of jesus, well, there are some strong and amazing reactions. we'll fill you in. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list at's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank
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10:41 am
turns out a botched restoration is now becoming a huge tourist draw. remember the painting of jesus christ. it was being restored by an amateur in spain, an elderly woman. the original is on the left and the restoration is on the right. now we're learning that tourists are blockiflocking to see the b fresco. there's also an online petition to keep the revived version because people like that better. or they feel sorry for the elderly woman who did the restoration. they just want to keep it as is. jennifer lopez putting her name behind a new tv show. don't expect to see her in front of the camera. "showbiz tonight's" host a.j. hammer is here to tell us more. good morning. >> we may have new insight as to
10:42 am
why jennifer lopez let go of "american idol." she's making a return to tv as a producer. they're going to pick up a pilot for a new show executive produced by lopez. the drama is tentatively titled "the foster." no casting has been announced yet. the pilot has not received an official air date, but it will more than likely make the debut late in the fall. if the series does get picked up, this is going to be her first fully scripted television show. she was most recently an executive producer on a reality tv show, the chosen, but she's also taking her production company to the next level. so carol, i guess it's kind of understandable she thought maybe hey, the time is right to break free from "american idol" and stay focused on the future. >> absolutely. she's one smart woman. a.j. hammer, thanks so much. music helps drive the political campaign, but one singer does not want his song
10:43 am
played. twister sister lead singer dee snyder, he's taking on paul ryan to prove his point. we'll talk to him live. [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business.
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♪ don't stop believing >> music, it's an integral and controversial part of the convention. the latest addition to the republican lineup, journey. the guys who brought you that song, don't stop believing. tmz was reporting the band was offered $500,000 to perform. and they want you to know they're performing for the money, not for the politics. other groups aren't as corporate. this song by twisted sister was played as a paul ryan event. ♪ we're not going to take it no we ain't going to take it ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> and that song would have been perfect if the lyrics actually meant we're not going to take
10:47 am
obama's big government policies anymore, but they don't. ryan supporters loved it. dee snyder did not. snyder, as you know, is the guy who sings that iconic song. he's on the phone. he's in hollywood on the set of his new tv show, and he joins us by phone this morning. hi, dee. >> hi, carol. how are you doing? >> i'm good. thank you so much for taking time out to talk with us this morning. so i'm just wondering, how did you find out the ryan camp was using your song? >> well, i have been deep in shooting this second season. and a call came from my record company made me aware that he had used it at a campaign stop and they asked how i felt about it. i'm never stopped anyone from using we're not going to take it, and it's used for everything. commercials and political things. tea parties used it forever at their rallies, but everything i
10:48 am
have heard come out of this guy's mouth, besidi have disagr with. and i just wanted to distance myself. so the only point -- i didn't say he couldn't use it, i just denounced his use of it, and being the song writer and the guy who sang it, it had a lot of weight. i just told them, i denounce his use of it, and everybody went crazy. >> you issued this statement, and i must say i kind of loved it because you said, politically, i'm a mog wamp, look it up, i have no affiliation. i have voted republican, democrat, and even independent over the years. it was specifically paul ryan you ahad the problem with? >> yeah, yeah, and what's blown -- i don't know why it should blow my mind, but it kind of does, is again, just the
10:49 am
rampant hostility and viciousness of the other side. i mean, i'm an american citizen, i have a vote. i'm allowed to have an opinion, but apparently if it's not theirs, it's very upsetting to them. you know what i mean? i'm not that upset that their opinion isn't mine. you follow what i'm saying? so more than anything that bothered me is the hostility of the right. and having voted on the right, i was a great guy when i was supporting your people, but i'm the scum of the earth the minute i don't support their side. >> so have you been getting comments from people? >> on the social media, it's crazy. people are never bolder than when they're sitting in their own homes and on their computer. and never braver. never braver. one of these people who, i walk around and everybody loves me. and i'm not sure if they love me or if they want to get close to
10:50 am
me. i really am big and really scary. people, their bravery disappears when they're actually presented with the physical person. so on a computer, people are brave and they'll say whatever they want to say. >> well, you're a big, tall guy and i would be afraid of you physically, too. >> my wife was. >> before you go, i want to ask you about journey. journey is going to play at a mitt romney event. they're going to pay them supposedly $500,000. it's not a political statement, i'm just playing, so would you play at a paul ryan event for the money? >> as a matter of fact, that was -- you know, i was getting mail from my bandmates who are much more political than me, my guitar player j.j. french who is a big supporter of obama, he rerecorded "i want to rock" on
10:51 am
the first election, but the band was like, hey, man, are you allowing this to happen? are you selling them your song or whatever? when it comes to politics, i would not sell the song. i have sold it before for medications and hotel chains and all sorts of things, but journey says they're doing it for the money, but it says you must be supporting the cause as well. it's politics, you have to choose your side, and money has to stay out of it. >> dee snyder from twisted sister and from "hollister. "thanks for joining us this morning. >> i'm going to check my hate mail. >> you go do that now because i'm sure you have some more. >> a whole bunch today. thanks a lot. >> thanks, dee. we'll be back. s you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma
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10:55 am
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[ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] zyrtec®. love the air. join zyrtec® rewards. save up to $7 on zyrtec® products. once the republican convention swings into full gear in tampa tomorrow, expect to hear a lot about health care. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is going to break dedown for us, and i know you spent the last week or two trying to get the faths on romney's health care plan. how's that been going for you? >> it has been a little rough because mitt romney on his website has ideas about what his health care plan would look like, but we wanted more details. we were told that our questions
10:59 am
about details were biased and ridiculous. those were words that were used by his spokeswoman, but eventually, we did get some answers. >> let's start with preventative health services. what in the romney plan would provide for those if there is any provision at all? >> let's talk about sort of the first thing that mitt romney has said about health care, which is he says on day one of his presidency, if he wins, he's going to ask to repeal obama care. and obama care requires insurance companies on new policies to give free preventative services to people. free things like mammograms, for example, and cholesterol checks and contraception, and imuniizations for adults and children. so we asked mr. romney's folks, are you going to do that in? is there going to be free presentative services, no co pay? and they flat out said no. i'm going to read you a quote from andrea


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